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Hi there, I'm Susan and I'm the new teen on the block.. But don't let that fool you, I've been around a little and know what all the boys want. Growing up in my family wasn't easy, I had 4 older brothers and it was hard to get attention, especially being the little bratty sister. But when I turned 10 Daddy helped me find a way to get all the attention I would ever need and have lots of fun doing it. 

It all started back when my dad lost his job and we were really getting behind on the rent. The Landlord came by to tell us to pay or leave. That's when he noticed my playing on the floor in my little cute pajamas. He worked out a deal with Daddy and pretty soon I was doing all sorts of nasty things with the Landlord to pay off our debt. It wasn't long before Daddy was finding other ways to make money using me as his special little girl, even helping my older brothers out by giving them a little oral relief. As I got a little older I found even more ways to have a little fun teasing older men and making money being their little personal whore.

That's when I learned how easy it was to make tons of money by having several sugar daddies!  Now I always have a place to go and money to spend!  It's awesome and tons of fun.  Want to hear some of my nasty stories?  I can even be your naughty little secret if you want ;).



"I am open for any topic: any age play, foot domination, pantyhose, sissyboys, cockold, denial, stockings, rape, snuff, pain, bestiality, and soo much more! Just name your fantasy"

As I got a little older I found even more ways to have a little fun teasing older men and making money being their little personal whore. 

How bout you let me be your Mistress! I love putting little sissy men in their place! I can make you squirm and beg and plead to finally let you cum for me! I might even dress you up in that pink little dress I keep just for these occasions! You want to try me out... do you think you are good enough to chat with ur new Mistress...  Lets put it to the test!  

I would love to play out any fantasy that you have. You will find that I enjoy what I do and I seriously get into it! I go into every call expecting to cum! So lets play for a bit and see what kind of trouble we can get into... I am open to everything and there is nothing TABOO! I am your personal little phone sex teen! Panty wearing sissy boys? Beg well enough and I just might make you my bitch, if you're lucky.  I would love for you to call me and find out just how Seductive I really am.      Call me!  Seductive Susan xoxoxox   
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